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Viswadeepti Missiological Centre, Kolhapur

VISWADEEPTI: Missiological Research and Training Centre

Vishwadeepti (Light of the World) is established by the Missionary Society of St Thomas the Apostle (MST) at Kolhapur in Sangli Mission (Maharashtra, India). It is visualized as the Centre for the development of the missionary personnel of the Missionary Society of St Thomas the Apostle (MST) in general and Sangli mission of MST in particular. Reading the signs of times, the missionary personnel are to be equipped through short term and long term seminars and courses. Hence Vishwadeeepti is to function as a Missionary Training, Animation and Study Centre. It shall be the venue for conducting retreats, monthly recollections, long term and short term seminars for the missionary personnel of Sangli Mission as well as other Mission Regions of MST.

Learning the language and culture of the place is of priority for launching any missionary and social development programmes in the Region. Hence this Centre is to function as the Language and Culture Study Centre also. General Assembly 2003 of MST has recommended to conduct Missionary Orientation Course at Vishwadeepti for those who are intended to work in Maharashtra so that future missionaries are well-equipped with language and culture of the place.

Care for the migrant Catholics and Christians in Maharashtra requires regular faith formation programmes which can be organized at Vishwadeepti. Multi-religious context of India demands a thrust for inter-religious dialogue for national integration. Vishwadeepti is to function as a centre for Inter-religious dialogue as well.

PB.No.1, Kalamba P.O.,
Kolhapur, 416007.
Tel 0231-2320406.