• MST Generalate, Deepti Bhavan, Melampara P.O. Bharananganam,
    Kerala - 686 578 , India

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Deepti College Melampara

Deepti College, Melampara

Deepti College is the Minor Seminary of the Mis­sionary Society. It was inaugurated on August 31, 1969. Its purpose is to train young men for missionary Priest­hood in consonance with the special purpose of the Society. The seminary has, to this day, 1355 students on its admission rolls. The forty-second batch is ad­mitted this year. There are 33 new admissions. This year Deepti Seminary has only two batches- 1st year and IIl rd year. Our second year brothers, 28 in number, are doing plus one course, staying at their homes. Deepti Seminary is in touch with them. Including the second years the total strength this year is 96.

Pope John Paul II in his Apostolic Exhortation Pastores Dabo Vobis speaks about minor seminaries as means of nurturing the seeds of vocations in the heart of children “providing a careful, though preliminary, dis­cernment and accompaniment” (ct. PDV 63). The pur­pose of the minor seminary is to lay solid foundation for the human, cultural, and spiritual formation of the young persons who are to be prepared to follow Christ the Redeemer with generous souls and pure hearts. Under the fatherly supervision of the superiors, the parents too playing their appropriate part, they should lead lives suited to the age, mentality, and development of young people. Their way of life should be fully in keeping with the standards of sound psychology and should include suitable experience of the ordinary affairs of daily life’ and contact with their own families (ct. OT 3).

Particular attention is given to the inculcation of missionary spirit because a future missionary must be prompt to take initiative, constant in carrying out an undertaking, persevering in difficulties, patient and strong of heart in bearing loneliness, exhaustion and fruitless labour ( cf. AG 25). Due importance is given to the integral development of the personality of the stu­dents.