• MST Generalate, Deepti Bhavan, Melampara P.O. Bharananganam,
    Kerala - 686 578 , India

  • 4822 236353 / 237873

Mission Vision

A Brief History of the Beginning of the Missionary Society of St Thomas the Apostle

Mission Vision


  • Imbibing the values of Jesus by individual and societal ways of communion with Him
  • Drawing inspiration from the apostolic experience of St Thomas ‘My Lord and My God’
  • Living and developing the diverse dimensions of the spiritual, cultural and social heritage of St Thomas Christians


MST, rooted in the ecclesial ( spiritual, liturgical, theological and canonical) and cultural heritage of the Syro- Malabar Church, envisions living the values of Jesus and sharing the same with people of all faiths and cultures, anywhere in the world, in line with mission ad gentes, for establishing a more harmonious society.


  • Vocation promotion programmes
  • Professional education and technical training for the MST personnel
  • Refresher courses for the MST personnel, for sharpening the missionary vision, motivation and commitment
  • Mission Animation Centre for fostering awareness of the mission in the Mother Church
  • Sharing the experience of Jesus in word and deed
  • Centers for promoting unity among different Christian communities
  • Centers for facilitating interactive sessions for people of diverse faiths, for promoting fellowship, collaboration and harmony
  • Centers for facilitating interactive sessions for people of diverse faiths, for promoting fellowship, collaboration and harmony
  • Family visits and prayer sessions for the Syro Malabar Christians in ‘Diaspora’
  • Care and rehabilitation for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS
  • Centers for empowerment and rehabilitation for differently abled children
  • Centers for effective use of modern media
  • Social action and empowerment progrmame in rural and urban areas
  • Centers for Psycho-spiritual counselling
  • Formal and informal education for creating an inclusive society
  • Programmes for adults is social awareness
  • Attending to those behind the bars
  • Ashrams for fostering prayer and spirituality
  • Liberative action in defending human rights
  • Mainstreaming street children and school dropouts
  • Awareness and protective programmes for addressing environmental issues
  • Poverty alleviation programmes
  • Promotion of justice for the marginalized and underprivileged
  • Human resource development schemes
  • Improved agricultural practices for greater food production
  • Employment generative projects
  • Youth animation and leadership programmes
  • Addressing gender issues like discrimination, trafficking and child marriage
  • Fighting social evils like corruption, extremism and communal violence
  • Hygiene, health and medical care progrmames
  • Awareness programmes for combating the negative effects of globalization.