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Mary Queen of Missions Region, Delhi

Mary Queen of Missions Region, Delhi


The Mary Queen of the Missions Region is geographically spread across five North Indian states, namely Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and some regions of Uttar Pradesh namely Noida, Greater Noida (Gaudam Buddha Nagar ) and Ghaziabad. St Mary Queen of Missions Delegation, Delhi was started on 3 July 2015.The region is coextensive with the area of the eparchy of Faridabad. The region has designed an integral model of missionary work offering opportunities for people to meaningfully encounter Christ’s love and mercy as well as to make the Church more relevant and appreciable to the peoples.

The three main thrust areas of the Region are 1) Mission among Peoples, 2) Works of Mercy, interfaith activities and empowering processes through education and Charitable Activities.3) Pastoral Care of the Migrants of Syro Malabar Church. The humanitarian activities are done the social wing of the region named DEEPTI FOUNDATION a registered trust.

Deepti Foundation
Deepti Foundation (DF), a registered charitable Trust, has been involved in making a difference in people’s lives, with the support and collaboration of various national and international agencies and also the Government of India, for over one and half decades now. DF is formed and run by the Catholic Priests, belonging to the Missionary Society of St. Thomas, the Apostle (MST), with a firm belief that nothing we do is more powerful than changing a life. We work every day to find lasting solutions to our country’s greatest challenges – providing families with a sustainable path out of poverty, increasing opportunity for vulnerable women and girls, giving formal education and nutritional support to children engaged in rag picking, providing hostel facilities for the children involved in rag picking and also reducing the prevalence rate of many preventive diseases, most importantly HIV/AIDS. It is also engaged in a range of services including care, treatment and rehabilitative support to people living with HIV/AIDS, tackling deep rooted economic and social problems, provision of psychological support to the ill and the depressed. Without concentrated action, we could face a backlash from the growing numbers of vulnerable children on the streets and garbage dumps. The situation made us plunge into giving education and nutritional assistance to some of these children. Our social activities are recognized by people concerned. The Income Tax Department has readily sanctioned us 12 A (a) and Tax Exemption Certificate U/S 80 G (5) (VI) of the Income Tax Act 1861. DF has the official government recognition as it is registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act. All our activities are in collaboration with the Government of India and the World Health Organization.
Website : www.deeptifoundation.org
Email : dfdelhi@gmail.com

Regional Administration Team
Regional Director : Rev. Fr Joseph Karodan
I Coucillor : Rev. Fr Cyril Kureekattu
II Councillor and Procurator : Rev. Fr Thomas Puliyammakal
Email : mqmrdelhi@gmail.com

Priests : There are 37 MST priests assigned to this Mission Region.Right now, the Mary Queen of Missions Region (MQMR) has 15 centers of apostolates in different places of this vast territory. Among the 15 centers, seven are in Punjab, four in Delhi and two in Himachal Pradesh.
Women Religious : Four religious congregations are serving in the Mary queen of the Missions Region, Delhi.
Congregation of the Sisters of St Francis of Assisi (OSF) : OSF sistersare serving in Sant Yusuf Sadan, Deon, Bathinda.
Medical Sisters of St Joseph (MSJ) : MSJ sisters are rending service in Kristu Jyoti Catholic centre, Rohru
Sisters of Philip Neri : Collaborating with mother Theresa catholic Mission, Delhon
Congregation of Sisters of Charity (SCCG) : Associating with Deepti Ashram Girls Hostel, Najafgarh.

1.Bathinda: Sant Yusuf Sadan

Established : 2015
Patron : St Joseph
Priests at the Centre : Frs Puliyanmakkal, Akkattu and Chirayil
Institution : St Thomas School (ICSE),
Apostolates : Catholic Prayer centre, Social Survey, Pastoral apostolate for migrants, Elementary Education Ministry, Palliative care for cancer patients, Eco-friendly agro-based Rural development
Address : St Thomas School (ICSE), Deon, Bathinda, Punjab, 151002
Phone : 7528909933
Email : stthomasbathinda@gmail.com

2.Najafgarh (Delhi): Deepti Ashram

Established : 2012
Patron : St Mary
Priests at the Centre : Frs Karodan and Kachirayil
Institution : Social Apostolate
Apostolates : Hostel
Address : Deepti Ashram, GF Plot in KH No. 34/11 35/15, Near MCD Talab, Village Mitroan, Najafgarh - 110043, New Delhi
Phone : 9013692613
Email : dfdelhi@gmail.com

3.Rohru: Kristjyoti Catholic Mission

Established : 2018
Patron : Christ the Light
Priests at the Centre : Frs Nelloor & Pathrapankal
Institution : Kristjyoti Catholic Church
Apostolates : Pastoral Ministry and Social Apostolate
Address : Kristjyoti Catholic Mission, Jagdish Niwas, 2nd Floor Newseri, Rohru P.O. 171207, Shimla (Dt), H. P.
Phone : 8592802000
Email : kcmrohru@gmail.com

4.Bhadaur: St Joseph School

Established : 2019
Patron : St Joseph
Priests at the Centre : Fr Vallikatt
Institution : St Joseph School
Apostolates : Pastoral Apostolate and Education
Address : St Josephs Catholic Mission, Burj-Rajgarh, Bathinda District, Punjab 151108
Phone : Ph: 8872825030
Email : _

5.Bhikhi: Maria Bhavan

Established : 2019
Patron : St Mary
Priests at the Centre : Fr Kureekattu
Institution :
Apostolates : Pastoral Ministry and Social Apostolate
Address : Maria Bhavan, C/o Guru Rice Mill, Pharwahi Road, Bhikki P.O. 151504, Mansa (Dt), Punjab
Phone : 8847397821
Email : _

6.Bhalaswa (Delhi): Gyaan Sarovar Child Resource Centre (CRC)

Established : 2021
Patron : Jesus the Teacher
Priests at the Centre : Frs Olappurackal and Kuruvanplakkal
Institution :
Apostolates : Empowering children and families involved in rag picking at Bhalaswa Dump yard, New Delhi
Address : Gyaan Sarovar Child Resource Center, KH. No. 42/15 Murgi Farm, Swami Shardhanand Park, Village Samypur, Delhi-110 042.
Phone : 08527107079, 9971921029
Email : dfdelhi@gmail.com

7.Chirgaon: Holy Trinity Catholic Church

Established : 2021
Patron : Holy Trinity
Priests at the Centre : Fr Paul Poovathinkal
Institution : Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Apostolates : Pastoral/Evangelization Ministry and Social Apostolate
Address : Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Yashpal Niwas, Sunda Bhoura, Chirgaon P. O. 171208, Shimla (Dt), H. P.
Phone : 87702 74245
Email : _

8.Dhuri: St Alphonsa Bhavan

Established : 2019
Patron : St Alphonsa
Priests at the Centre : Frs Mecheril & Kolliyil
Institution : _
Apostolates : Pastoral Ministry and Social Apostolate
Address : St Alphonsa Bhavan, House No. 100, Green City, Near Preeth Vihar, Ward No. 3, Dhuri -148024, Sangrur (Dt), Punjab
Phone : Ph: 7707984234
Email : stthomasdhuri@gmail.com

9.Dilshad Garden (New Delhi): Deepti Nivas

Established : 2004
Patron : Mary Queen of Missions
Priests at the Centre : Frs Olappurackal and Kuruvanplakkal
Institution : MST House at Dilshad Garden, New Delhi,
Apostolates : Head office of Deepti Foundation, the social work wing Mary Queen of the Missions Delegation, Delhi.Projects implemented: Community-based rehabilitation of people living with HIV/AIDS, Empowering Women and children for a sustainable and self-dependable living. Empowering children and families involved in rag picking at Bhalaswa Dump yard, New Delhi
Address : Deepti Foundation, 23- B, R -Block, Dilshad Garden, New Delhi -110095.
Phone : 011-22589516 & 09013661099 (Deepti Foundation),
Email : dfdelhi@gmail.com

10.Dwaraka (Delhi): Institute of Harmony and Peace Studies (Personal Initiative)

Established : 2014
Patron : _
Priests at the Centre : Fr M.D. Thomas (Personal Initiative)
Institution : Institute of Harmony and Peace Studies Interfaith Activities
Apostolates : Interfaith Activities
Address : Institute of Harmony and Peace Studies (IHPS), Floor 1, A 128, Sector 19, Dwarka - 110 075, New Delhi
Phone : Mobile: 09810535378
Email : ihps2014@gmail.com

11.Ludhiana: Mother Teresa Catholic Mission

Established : 2017
Patron : Mother Teresa
Priests at the Centre : Frs Kaiyalakakathu and Alummoottil
Institution : Education and Pastoral Ministry
Apostolates : School
Address : Mother Teresa Catholic Mission, Dehlon, Ludhiana-141118, Punjab
Phone : Ph: 7901998545
Email : mtcm.dehlon@gmail.com