1.      Music Ministry

Music elevates human souls to the divine. MST has started two music centres, Kalasadhana at Mumbai and Swaralaya at Mysore. Both these centres give training to hundreds of children in music, both vocal and instrumental.

Apart from training in music, these centres bring out several musical compositions of liturgical and religious songs in different languages which are useful for daily prayers, prayer sessions and other popular songs. They also provide music education in schools and support to organize cultural events.

2.      Prayer and Retreat Centres

MST has started two prayer and retreat centres, Amalashram at Talsande in Maharashtra and Masih Ashram at karondia in Ujjain. These two cetres are real places of consolation for many who come there for solitude, prayer and reflection.


3.      Printing and Publications

MSt has one printing press (Suvartha Printers) at Kohlapur, Maharashtra.

MST has started four publications- Kadukumani, True Blaze, Santhome Fellowship and Santhome Mission

4.      Santhome Fellowship

Santhome Fellowship is a movement towards developing a culture of participatory missionary work in the Syro Malabar Church. At present the programme is focused on gathering lay persons who are full of missionary enthusiasm. They are slowly introduced into the activities of MST and interested people are invited to visit the mission centres and activities. Many of them have come forward to different levels of missionary collaboration.

5.      Santhome Bible Centre

Santhome Bible centre at Pariyaram, Kannur in Kerala is established to spread the culture of study of the Word of God. Bible translation, commentaries on the books of the Bible, publication of books on Biblical themes etc. are going on in this centre.

6.      Vishwadeepti Missiological Research Centre

Vishwadeepti Missiological Research Centre is established at Kolhapur in Maharashtra. This centre organizes study classes, workshops and seminars on Missiology and related topics at different intervals.