Christian formation is basically the blossoming of the entire human person who becomes a child of God through baptism which incorporates one into the Mystical Body of Christ in the Spirit. It is fundamentally faith formation leading to gradual configuration to Christ Jesus through the virtues of faith, hope and charity. The objective of the formation programme of MST is the growth of human, spiritual, intellectual and missioanry dimensions of the members befitting their missionary and priestly vocation.

MST is very particular about giving missionary formation to all its student members to witness to Christ in any situation. MST has developed its own formation systems which adequately cater to the missionary challenges of the times. In order to provide the seminarians with contextualised missionary formation, MST has all its formation centres, except the minor seminary in the mission areas itself. The students are exposed to the realities of the Indian missions during the formation period. Missionary Orientation Course in Mandya, Ruhalaya Philosophy and Theology colleges in Ujjain provide intellectual anchoring together with ample opportunities of confronting missionary realities. The Minor seminary is at Melampara, Kottayam, Kerala. Missionary formation enables the candidates to discern their vocation rightly, to respond to Christ’s call generously and to groom themselves adequately for the life and mission characteristic.