MST Golden Jubilee



Golden Jubilee Celebration of the Missionary Society of St. Thomas the Apostle


“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring Good News” (Rom.10:15)

Missionary Society of St. Thomas the Apostle which was founded on 22nd February 1968 is going to celebrate its Golden Jubilee on 22 February 2018. The period between 22 February 2017 and 22 February 2018 is celebrated as the Jubilee Year of MST. Our beloved Bishop Sebastian Vayalil of happy memory took the lead to found the Missionary Society in order to carry out organized missionary work in the Syro Malabar Church. Let us remember the great missionary zeal of our founder, Bishop Vayalil and the pioneer members of MST.

As we are marching towards the Jubilee year let us pause for a moment to ponder over the milestones in the journey of our Society, remember with gratitude the abundant blessings of God that we have received, thank those who travelled along with us over the years and remember with gratitude those who supported and collaborated with us.

Today MST is blessed with 341 priests and 245 seminarians under formation at various stages. MST is working as three regions and one Delegation. At the same time, the members of MST are working in several countries of the world. Through its three mission regions, St. Paul’s Region (Ujjain), St. Thomas Region (Mandya) and St. Alphonsa Region (Sangli) and one delegation (Mary Queen of the Mission, Delhi) MST has established its missionary nature and contributed greatly in the fields of preaching, migrant and pastoral care, general education, special education, health care, women empowerment, empowerment of the differently abled and the marginalised, care and rehabilitation of the HIV/AIDS infected and affected, vocational training, rehabilitation, disaster management, and eco-friendly agro based innovations. MST carries out its missionary mandate through these various apostolic activities in view of creating a harmonious and value based civil society, transforming it to establish the Kingdom of God. It is to be noted here that two of its regions, Ujjain and Mandya have become dioceses and several of the institutions and apostolic activities that MST has initiated have been handed over to the dioceses and are now carried out by them.

Jubilee is an occasion for all of us to introspect on our missionary commitment, renew ourselves and plan for a more committed life. Our life is our witness. Let us reform our ways so that our life, actions and words reflect the life and message of Jesus. We are sharing the missionary responsibility of the Church. As Pope John Paul II teaches “For the Church, evangelizing means bringing the Good News into all the strata of humanity, and through its influence transforming humanity from within and making it new” (EN 18) (C2 b)

With the aim of renewing the members and to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of MST we have drawn up a working plan of activities for the immediate preparation and the celebration of the Jubilee. This plan is prepared by the Golden Jubilee executive committee after a series of consultation based on the master plan prepared by the General Coordination committee and approved by the General Council. The activities are destined for individual members, for the Society as a whole, for the Mother Church and for the mission. The dates given are tentative and may change as per the situations of each place but will be intimated to the concerned persons. I exhort all the members to collaborate with the teams appointed for various activities as and when informed to you and make this great Jubilee of MST as a celebration of each one of us.

Jubilee calls for evaluation and reform on the Societal and personal levels. Let us evaluate ourselves in relation to our call and missionary commitment with an aim of improvement. Let us forgive one another and be reconciled with ourselves, with others and with God so that our Jubilee celebration may become fruitful.

Founder & Pioneer Members

Jubilee Programmes



In view of the coming Golden Jubilee of MST, the General Council of MST first appointed Golden Jubilee Master Plan Committee and then the General Coordination Committee which drew up a master plan for the same. Its main proposal was to follow the methodology of three year Assessment, Renewal and Celebration in this regard. Thereafter Fr. Joseph Ayyankanal was appointed by the Director General as the Co-coordinator of MST Golden Jubilee programmes. At the third stage an Executive Committee was appointed by the Director General to implement at the earliest the various projects and programmes in connection with the Golden Jubilee of MST. That Executive Committee has taken quick action in giving shape to the final plan of the Golden Jubilee celebrations of MST by adopting the methodology of Assessment, Renewal and Celebration. The various programmes proposed by the Golden Jubilee General Coordination Committee, the General Council, the Jubilee Celebration Co-coordinator, and the Executive Committee are incorporated into this final action plan.

1. Assessment

The methodology of ‘Assessment, Renewal, and Celebration’ was a three-year plan (2015-2018).

  1.1. Assessment Sessions

  Evaluation sessions for assessing the mission and vision of MST and the living of the vision by the members were held in each of the three regions and at Deepti for those MST members working in Kerala. 11 a. Mandya: Jan 10, 2016 b. Sangli: Jan 14, 2016 c. Ujjain: Jan 21, 2016 d. Deepti: Feb 22, 2016.

1.2. Documentation and History Department

A documentation and history department has already been created by the General Council and the Director General has appointed Rev. Dr. James Kurukilamkatt as its Director. The department has started functioning at Deepti Mount, Melampara. This department will bring out 1) a comprehensive book on MST vision, mission and major success stories, 2) a hand book on MST and its missions.

2. Renewal

  In order to celebrate the Golden jubilee of MST it is expected that all the members make an ardent attempt to renew themselves individually and the Society as a whole. Renewal has two dimensions: one, individual renewal and second, community renewal or renewal as a society. In the light of the various proposals the following Renewal Plan has been finalized by the Executive Committee for immediate implementation.

2.1. Annual Retreats for all MST priests

  Four retreats are planned for all MST priests in preparation of the Golden Jubilee during the year 2017-18 focusing on Thomasine spirituality and renewal of the missionary commitment. Retreats are arranged in the three regions and one in Kerala, at Nilackal, a place which traces its connection back to St. Thomas. All the MST priests are requested to attend any one of these retreats invariably. The dates of the retreats are given in this calendar. 12 All MST priests working abroad are requested to plan their programmes in such a way that they can also attend any of these four retreats. They are requested to inform in advance regarding their choice of the retreat so that arrangements can be done. All MST priests working in India are divided into four groups so that sufficient number of priests are included in each group and proper arrangements can be done. The list will be sent to you soon. If anybody wants a change of place and time of retreat he can do that with prior information.


  The schedule of the retreats:


April 30 – May 5, 2017 - Mandya- Preacher: Bishop Mar Raphael Thattil May 07 – 13, 2017* - Nilackal- Preacher: Fr. Bobby Jose Kattikatt October 15 – 20, 2017 - Sangli- preacher: Bishop Mar Raphael Thattil October 15 – 20, 2017 - Ujjain- preacher: Fr. Bobby Jose Kattikatt * alternative date given is May 21 – 26, 2017 

2.2. Renewal and Prayer Team

Jubilee is the time to thank the Lord for the blessings that we have received during the last fifty years and to entrust all our missions to the Lord to make them more fruitful and effective. In collaboration with Santhome Fellowship, a prayer team is being formed comprising of four to six persons of charisma. This team will visit all MST houses and centres of apostolates both inside and outside the regions and will spend one full day with the missionaries of the respective houses. (Those MST priests working in the dioceses, if they desire, the team will spent one day and pray in their centre also).The day will be set apart as a prayer day and the prayer team will lead diverse spiritual 13 activities including adoration, rosary, reflection, etc. They will also be available for personal sharing and counseling. This team also will prepare a special monthly recollection for the region on request based on the theme of Thomasine Spirituality.  

2.3. Grooming MST preachers’ team

  The primary purpose of MST is to preach the Gospel of salvation to the whole world. We are proud that some of our fathers are engaged in charismatic retreat preaching in their individual capacity. It is high time that we organize them into a team of MST preachers. Since several years there was a suggestion to this effect, but it was not materialized. Let us make use of the occasion of our Golden Jubilee for such a noble venture. Let us start a ‘one-day programme of preaching and healing’ at Deepti once in a month in a temporary hall which will be made ready near old Aaraam. We have a few distinguished preachers who are doing wonderful service in their respective places. There are several young and talented priests ready to take up this ministry of direct preaching the Word of God. Our known preachers can begin the preaching ministry once a month and then young priests can be groomed to be great preachers. One talk of this one day programme of Mass, preaching, healing and confession will be on mission. Let us start this as part of our Golden Jubilee activities. 

2.4. Special spiritual preparations

To prepare ourselves for the Golden Jubilee the following spiritual activities are planned:  

  • All MST priests shall say their Holy Mass of the 22nd of every month in the Golden Jubilee Year (22 February 2017 to 22 February 2018) in the intention of the DG for the Society.
  • Similarly, all MST fathers and brothers shall say an extra rosary a week for the success of the missionary activities of MST in the jubilee year.
  • A karozutha prayer will be sent to you soon in order to be said during the Holy Mass/ Ramsa in our chapels.
  • A new Santhome prayer (a new novena) approved by the Major Archbishop will also be sent to you soon.
  • A monthly devotional prayer (Vanakamasam) in honour of St. Thomas is under preparation. Once it is prepared and approved by the Church it will be sent to you.

2.5. Prayer day for every member

In the context of MST’s Golden Jubilee each of the 341 priests will be assigned a day for prayer together with prayer intentions. We have now 245 brothers and they will also be given prayer days. This prayer day cycle has already begun in Deepti College on 3rd July 2016. A list of the prayer day of the priests will be sent to you soon.

3. Media and Publications

Mission animation department will be developing and using the means of new media for the publication of our mission news and ideas among the new generation. We are planning to develop a blog, app and a Face book page in connection with MST Jubilee Year. The Jubilee committee will promote publishing articles and stories based on mission in the popular periodicals (like Satyadeepam, Shalom, Amma, Karmalakusumam, etc.). The jubilee committee will collect materials for publication from our seminarians, priests and associate missionaries. A documentary on the activities of MST will be prepared and it can be used to give information to various groups on MST.

4. Jubilee Logo and Website

A logo of MST Golden Jubilee has already been prepared and it is printed on the back cover of the MST calendar of 2016. The logo will be more widely used in the Jubilee programmes. The MST website is also ready and will be regularly updated.


In the first part of the MST Jubilee plan we have chalked out plans for assessment, renewal and celebration for the members of MST. In the second part we are presenting programmes for others in our Jubilee Year.

1. For dioceses/parishes in Kerala

Some activities are planned for the dioceses and parishes of Kerala in order to give our Mother Church an opportunity to be part of our Golden Jubilee celebrations.

1.1. Stage performance on St. Thomas

St. Thomas being the heavenly patron of MST, it is our duty and obligation to spread the devotion and knowledge of St Thomas. In the new media era, a stage performance on St. Thomas will aid us meet this aim. We will be preparing a dance drama on St Thomas, which can be performed at various places.

1.2. Thoma Theerthadanam

In order to promote devotion to St Thomas and to make known the history of St Thomas Christians, we will be organizing pilgrimage to all the seven churches established by St Thomas in Kerala. It is a three days pilgrimage package starting with a short presentation on St Thomas and then visit to all the seven churches. The pilgrimage will be guided by experts in the history of St.Thomas Christians.

1.3. Mission Visits

To promote mission spirit and awareness, the Mission Animation team, in collaboration with Santhome Fellowship, will organize mission tours and interaction with missionaries in the regions. We plan for a five days package to Sangli and three days package to Mandya.

1.4. Mobile Exhibition and Preshitayatra in Kerala

A mobile exhibition on MST and its contributions and ministries will be done in selected parishes from the north end to the south end of Kerala. Its details are being worked out.

2. For parents

An essay competition for parents (Catholic mothers and fathers) on the theme ‘How vocation can be nurtured and promoted in families’ is planned to be conducted in all the SyroMalabar Dioceses in Kerala.

3. For youth

A mission quiz for CML and KCYM members will also be conducted all over Kerala.

4. For children

Various activities are planned for children in our Jubilee Year.

4.1. Mission Parliament

With the purpose of enkindling the mission spirit among the children of Kerala, we will be arranging a mission parliament for the children. The main theme and the panel discussions will be prepared and presented by children and representatives of CML and CLC. We are planning to have it at the diocesan level and a final one in Deepti Generalate.

4.2. A special Programme in Shalom TV in the context of MST Jubilee

This is a TV show of twenty episodes titled ‘Apostoloi’ with the theme ‘Called to be His Witnesses to the Ends of the Earth’. This is now being produced and will be telecast in the Shalom Television. This is a one year project, which includes selection of the children for shooting, grooming sessions, shooting the episodes and post production and airing. The project aims at approaching the catechism students of Kerala in a different and interesting way, instilling in them a new missionary spirit. Innovative teaching methods incorporating both traditional and modern communication media, direct and personal involvement with the mission and missionaries, etc. will give a lively tinge to this. Through Shalom TV, the leading

catholic channel with a high number of viewers, we hope to reach out to a wide range of catholic families and children. The telecasting of this programme will start on 14th September 2016.

5. For ex-MSTs

A ‘get together’ will be arranged for all ex-MSTs at the Generalate in the Jubilee Year. They will be given opportunities to collaborate with the various mission activities of MST according to their choice and taste.

6. For MST collaborators

A Mission Meet will be organized in each of the regions and Delegation. The Meet will be for all the collaborators in our mission such as our school teachers, animators, benefactors in the mission, etc. The Meet will include a public gathering, presentation of MST vision through diverse animation programmes, fraternity building exercises, performances, etc.

7. For Santhome Fellowship members

To mark the Jubilee of MST, we will be arranging a grand Mission Meet at Deepti. This aims at bringing together the pioneering members and all associated with MST’s mission such as religious sisters, ex- MSTs, benefactors, etc. It will be a one day programme with a thanksgiving Mass, experience sharing about their collaboration with MST in the mission, and agape. This also aims at creating a network of all connected with MST and its mission. This network will be kept updated about MST’s new initiates and their active cooperation will be solicited for vocation promotion, Santhome Fellowship, Kadukumani, Santhome Publications, and so on.

8. For sisters

An essay competition and a quiz competition on mission will be conducted for sisters in connection with MST Jubilee celebration.

9. For Seminarians

Diverse competitions will be conducted for all MST seminarians as well as for the seminarians of the Syro-Malabar major seminaries: 1) Essay competition on mission for all theology students of our major seminaries; 2) Skit script competition on St. Thomas for all philosophy students of our major seminaries; 3) Quiz on mission for MST seminarians at Jeevan Jyoti and MST minor seminaries.


1. Houses for the poor

A few houses are being built for some poor and deserving families to mark the golden Jubilee of MST.

2. MST Jubilee Memorial Scholarship for professional studies

Jubilee is an occasion for MST to bear witness to Jesus’ love for the poor and the needy. In the spirit of the Year of Mercy, we need novel measures to make MST Jubilee a memorable event. The Jubilee Memorial Scholarship aims at giving financial assistance to 50 deserving young men and women to begin a new professional course. Once they get a job, they shall return the money in order to help other deserving students.

3. Jubilee scholarship through KCDF

Another scholarship will be given to some deserving students all over Kerala. It will be implemented through KCDF in collaboration with the Santhome Fellowship. The required amount will be raised from the people of Kerala and will be distributed to the deserving students through Kadukumani, a publication of MST’s children’s wing. It is a special project of Kadukumani Children’s Development Fund (KCDF) through which MST reaches out to children of poor financial standing. This charity programme will not only highlight MST’s efforts at grass root level but also will encourage hundreds of catechism teachers and Santhome Fellowship members to help

financially poor children as well as to support our mission magazine, quiz programmes and other initiatives. Through their help we will identify deserving candidates.

4. Thomasine library at Deepti

On the occasion of MST Jubilee a library of Thomasine spirituality must be set up at Deepti by collecting all existing materials as well as generating new materials (books, songs, bhajans, dramas, short films, etc.).

5. Jubilee Memorial Shrine of St. Thomas at Deepti

A shrine of St. Thomas, our heavenly patron, will be built at Deepti Mount in memory of the Golden Jubilee and the relic of St. Thomas will be deposited there for public veneration.

6. Jubilee Memorial Minor Seminary at Thamarassery

A second minor seminary building is under construction at Thamarassery. This will be dedicated as Golden Jubilee memorial institution of MST.

7. Jubilee Memorials in MST Regions

Some concrete jubiliee memorials are to be set up in all MST regions to mark the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of MST. Details are to be worked out in the regions and the plans must be communicated to the Executive Committee.


1. Jubilee Candle and Flag

The mission animation team will be preparing a Jubilee candle and a Flag with the Jubilee emblem and icon of St Thomas on it. On 22nd Feb 2017 the Jubilee candle shall be lighted in our chapels and keep the Flag in a common place where all visitors can see. Keeping the Flag and the candle (which will be lighted when the Jubilee Prayer of MST is said) for the whole jubilee year will help us

to remember the jubilee year every day. This is also an effective way to make the Jubilee Year of MST known to others.

2. Formal inauguration of MST Golden Jubilee

It was on 22nd February 1968 that MST formally came into being in the presence of Cardinal Furstenberg from Rome, the Pronuncio of India, and all the archbishops and bishops of Kerala at Deepti Mount. It is ideal that we begin the Golden Jubilee of MST at the tomb of St. Thomas the Apostle, our heavenly patron. On 19th February 2017 MST will organize a special Jubilee Year Qurbana at the tomb of St. Thomas the Apostle and lighting the Jubilee lamp at the tomb in order to take it to Deepti Mount. On 22nd February the light brought from the tomb of St. Thomas will be solemnly received at Deepti and the formal inauguration of the Golden Jubilee will take place at the Generalate on that day. A detailed description of the programme at Mailapur and at Deepti Bhavan will be chalked out soon.

3. Eparchial celebrations

We have MST priests from all the eparchies of Kerala. Hence we should have a jubilee celebration in the eparchies of our priests. The MST priests from each eparchy shall organize the jubilee celebration in their respective eparchies with assistance from the Executive Committee. A team of priests from the respective dioceses will be given responsibility for this celebration. It is an occasion to gather the family members of MST priests and seminarians, Santhome fellowship members and our well wishers of that diocese and explain to them what MST and its priests are doing in the missions.

5.4. Regional celebrations

We have three mission regions and one Delegation. Each region and the Delegation shall organize a jubilee celebration of MST in its region. A detailed plan will be worked out by the respective regional/ Delegation teams and tentative dates are announced.

5. International celebrations

As MST priests are working all over the world, MST Golden Jubilee shall also be celebrated in those places collectively. There must be MST Jubilee celebrations in Canada, USA, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, UK, Ireland, Philippines, Tanzania, and Australia where MST priests render their service. Tentative dates are announced in the schedule and details will be worked out after consultation with the respective persons in each place.

6. Celebrations in MST institutions

MST Golden Jubilee shall be celebrated in all our institutions such as seminaries, schools, and other houses like IMACT, Viswadeepti, Santhome - Thamarassery, and Santhome Bible Centre
– Pariyaram; estates such as Vadakamcherry and Mulas. Tentative dates are announced in the jubilee calendar.

7. Publication of a new translation of the Gospels from Santhome Bible Centre

On the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of MST, Santhome Bible Centre, Pariyaram will publish a new translation of the four Gospels from their original language of Greek into Malayalam.

8. Pilgrimage to Kolkotta/ Mylapore

Mother Teresa will be canonized on 4th September 2016 and it is a blessing for all of us. Let us make a pilgrimage to her tomb in Kolkotta in our Golden Jubilee Year to derive inspiration from her for our mission works of mercy. Similarly, Mylapore is sacred to every St. Thomas Christian. Pilgrimage may be planned to any of these or other pilgrim centres during the jubilee year.

9. International Missiology Conference

An international missiology conference involving Catholic missionary societies worldwide is to be organized in October 2017

at Alphonsianum, Pala, inviting internationally known Missiologists from inside and outside India. Papers presented in the conference may be published as a book. Some of the themes of the conference may be the following:

    • New ways of mission ad gentes in the 21st century taking into account the multi-cultural, multi-religious context of evangelization today.
    • Relationship between mission ad gentes and new evangelization.
    • Influence of the various mission documents of the Church on missionaries all over the world.
    • Mission work and social work
    • Role and Relevance of Missionary Societies.


Missiology Workshops

Missiology workshops may be organized at Ruhalaya Theologate in Ujjain, Viswadeepti Missiology Centre in Kolhapur, and at IMPACT, Kochi in the Jubilee Year. Details are to be worked in consultation with the concerned centres.

11. Interregional Meetings in the context of MST Jubilee

One interregional meeting has already taken place in Mandya. Three more interregional meetings are going to take place and those meetings can be made proper occasions to articulate the uniqueness and relevance of MST and to think of new ways of evangelizing in the third millennium.

12. A memento to every MST priest and seminarian

It is proposed to prepare a memento to be given to every MST priest and seminarian and another one to MST collaborators, such as parents of MST priests and Santhome Fellowship members.

13. MST Calendar and Jubilee calendar

Since last year MST calendar with liturgical readings and important events of MST and its members is being published from Deepti. It was in preparation of the Jubilee Year. A calendar of MST Jubilee programmes is prepared and it is sent to all members after making sufficient consultations with concerned persons and centres.


The foundation of MST on 22nd February in 1968 was solemnly done at Deepti Mount and its Silver Jubilee was celebrated in 1993. It is only fitting that we organize a grand finale of the Golden Jubilee celebrations at Deepti Mount itself. Basic details of the same are given below.

Grand Finale of MST Golden Jubilee at Deepti Mount




Venue: Deepti Mount







1st Day February 16, 2018

 ¾Holy Mass at the Tomb of




 the Founder.




 ¾Jubilee gathering of diocesan











2nd Day February 17, 2018

 ¾Holy Mass for the Departed




 souls of MST




 ¾Jubilee gathering of sisters.







3rd Day February 18, 2018

 ¾Holy Mass




 ¾Jubilee gathering of MST




 Santhome Fellowship




 members and collaborators.












4th Day February 19, 2018

¾Holy Mass



¾Jubilee gathering of






¾Honouring the families who



donated land to MST in the








5th Day February 20, 2018

¾Jubilee gathering of MST






¾Day of Ordinations





6th Day February 21, 2018

¾Holy Mass



¾Jubilee gathering of MST






¾Hounouring the Pioneer








7th Day February 22, 2018

¾Holy Mass



¾Grand Public Meeting





Part II

Programmes planned for the preparation and celebration of the Golden Jubilee of MST in the Mission Regions and Formation Houses


  • St. Paul’s Region Ujjain
    • The members of the region will spend three-days in prayer at Masih Ashram, Karontia and the schedule will be prepared shortly.
    • The Yearly Renewal program in our region will be focused on Jubilee Year.
    • On Thomasine Spirituality one animation program will take place. The annual retreat in 2017 will be on this focus.
    • Special spiritual preparation prayers given from Deepti Mount will be followed.
    • A get-together of the collaborators/ staff of the MST centres of the region will be organized in 2017.
    • Study scholarships will be given as per availability of fund.
    • A new ministry will be opened as golden jubilee memorial in the region.
    • One house will be built and donated to a poor and deserving family in the region.
    • A small grotto of St. Thomas will be put up at the Regional House.
    • The Khachrod Mission Centre of MST will be developed as Golden Jubilee memorial.
    • The concluding celebrations of Jubilee will take place at our centres in the months of January and February, 2018. The tentative schedule of celebration is given as under:
    • For the concluding celebration at Regional level we intend to invite all the Hierarchs in whose dioceses the MST is having members and ministries of St. Paul’s Region, all the Rev. Fathers, Rev. sisters of the diocese of Ujjain, benefactors etc..

January 2, 2018 : Santhome Bhavan Pawasa Ujjain January 6, 2018 : Masih Ashram, Ujjain
January 8, 2018 : Santhome Bhavan, Mandsaur January 10, 2018 : Alphonsa Church , Shamgarh January 12, 2018 : Santhome Bhava, Khachrod January 16, 2018 : Santhome Bhaan, Bhopal January 17, 2018 : Karuna Sadan, Bhopal January 25,2018 : Jagdalpur Geetham

Jnaury 30, 2018  : Jagdalpur , Sukma

Februay 11, 2018: Jubile Concluding Ceremony at Regional Level

1.2. St. Thomas Region Mandya

The following are the important programmes visualized for the jubilee in St Thomas Region, Mandya.

  • Inauguration of the jubilee in Mandya mission on 6th Nov., 2016.
  • Conclusion of the jubilee in January 2018.
  • We plan to construct three to five houses for poor people closely associated with us.
  • Sehion experience for MSTs in Mandya. On second Saturday of every month from November 2016, all the MSTs in Mandya come together for prayer in one of our mission stations. We will spend four hours in prayer and sharing. We will conduct prayer service in all our mission stations during the jubilee year.
  • To foster koinonia among the missionaries, we want to visit all the mission stations of Mandya together with the missionaries in our mission stations.
  • We plan to start a new apostolate in each mission station. These apostolates will be begun at least by Feb. 22, 2017.
  • Inter-school meet for arts and sports competitions in November, 2017.
  • Visiting the houses of all the staff members who are working in our institutions. Also we have decided to visit the houses of the students of senior classes. We begin house visiting in an intensive manner in Nov., 2016.
  • Awareness programme in schools to raise funds for supporting poor students. We begin it in November 2016.
  • A new apostolate called Manasadhara for taking care of the mentally ill people is already started.
  • Starting of a prayer centre on 8th September, 2016.
  • Quiz competition for sisters in January 2017.
  • We arrange five separate meetings for the people associated with us. They are:
    • Teachers in January 2017
    • Teachers of special schools in February 2017
  • Non-teaching staff in March 2017
  • Drivers in July 2017
  • Kitchen staff in August 2017.

1.3. St. Alphonsa Region Sangli

1.3.1 Renewal/Refresher Programmes

  • One symposium shall be organized on Thomasine spirituality
  • Discourses on Papal Encyclicals and other Church teachings during monthly recollections in the jubilee year.
  • A Mission seminar will be organized in the context of changing Socio-political and economic scenario in Maharashtra.
  • Annual Retreat based on Thomasine spirituality and our mission.

1.3.2. ActionProgrammes

  • Starting one new ministry

Community based Palliative care centre for Cancer Patients at Herle or

Ministry for street children or rag pickers

  • Becoming Environment Friendly:Programmes to make every center in Sangli Mission environmental friendly, Environmental awakening Programmes like seminars, study tour etc. will be conducted in every centre.
  • Mew Mission Station:Starting one new mission station in memory of the golden Jubilee (Islampur).
  • Jubilee Housing Plans: Construction of 3 jubilee memorial Houses for poor
    • Education Fund: Mobilization of education fund (Alphonsa Education fund for helping poor children)
    • Mission Meet of all Collaborators in the mission
    • Jubilee celebration involving all those who are associated with us
  • Mary Queen of the Missions Delegation Delhi
    • Inauguration of the jubilee year in Battinda Mission station on Oct. 16 in the presence of His Beatitude George Cardinal Alenchery.
    • As an effort of the missionary personnel in Delhi delegation, we will be buying an ambulance to care for the cancer patients in and around Battinda. The expense will be met by taking loan and the loan will be repaid by contributing one month allowance by all MST priests working in Delhi, by organizing programmes to raise funds etc
    • We envisage to start a school at Balaswa for rag-picking children with the help of MST
    • A School at Battinda will be started as Jubilee Memorial.
    • We will visit all the houses of MST in Delhi Delegation, first phase of which began on 23 of August in Shimla.
    • Establishing a school for the differently abled Children in Shimla.
    • In Shimla, delegation wishes to begin a catechetical centre.
    • A school for differently abled children in Balaswa.
    • A Hostel for HIV affected and rag-picking children at Najafgarh.
    • A celebration marking the conclusion of jubilee in January 2018 at Deepti Ashram, Najafgarh.

2.1. Ruhalaya Major Seminary Ujjain

Ruhalaya Seminary programs for the year 2016 – 2018 in preparation for the Jubilee.

  • The new administrative section of building at Ruhalaya Theologate will be “MST Jubilee memorial Administrative block”.
  • “Chapel of Mercy” intended for personal prayer in the Theology section will also be Jubilee a Memorial of MST.
  • Permanent exhibition will be put up in the theology in the underground hall of library section. It will give historical development of MST through photos, charts and in art forms.
  • Weekly adoration both in Philosophy and Theology focusing on mission themes.
  • Jubilee prayer will be recited regularly.
  • Jubilee memorial symposium by the brothers of Philosophy.
  • Jubilee memorial symposium by the brothers of Theology.
  • Each MST brother will take up an MST priest each to pray for his successful mission witness.
  • Both Philosophy and Theology sections will organize works of mercy outside the seminary campus.
  • In view of Jubilee, a Missiology seminar will be organized for the priests and sisters combining the regular Fr. Maliparambil memorial lectures.
  • A seminar will be organized for the religious in the diocese of Ujjain on the theme of mercy (The theme is chosen because it is organized in the year of Mercy).

2.2. Jeeven Jyoti Missionary Orientation Centre

Some of the important programmes planned in Jeevan Jyoti for the Jubilee are the following:

  • Inauguration of the Jubilee on 16th August, 2016.
  • Reflective reading of the whole Bible in the academic year starting from 16th August, 2016.
  • Prayer day: one day in prayer for every member of the community from 9th September, 2016. Foundation stone for Jeevan Jyoti at Ganjam was blessed on 9th September
  • Adoration from 6.00 pm to 10.00 pm on first Friday of every month starting from September, 2016.
  • Fasting and the money thus saved will be used for supporting a poor student.
  • Akhanda Japamala on 15th October, 2016 and 15th October 2017.
  • Medical camp for the villagers in November 2016 and 2017.
  • Jubilee celebration with the Catholics of Srirangapatna on 28th July, 2017.
  • Voluntary service on second Thursday of every month starting from September, 2016 in the home for the destitute in Mysore.
  • Sharing by missionaries at frequent intervals.
  • Mission quiz for the seminarians on 6th January, 2017 and 2018.
  • Praying the mercy rosary everyday starting from August 15, 2016.
  • Conclusion of the Jubilee on 10th February, 2018.
  • Deepti Minor Seminary at Deepti Mount and Palakkad
    • Prayer day for each member of the house. We have already started it on July 3rd 2016.
      • Akanda Japamala, keeping the intentions of the missionaries and mission activities of the Society for a day in the month October 2016.
      • Mission Sunday competitions based on mission themes
      • Periodical sharing by experienced missionaries on their vision, mission, dreams, aspirations, accomplishments and achievements
      • Meeting the pioneer missionaries (those who are at Aram)
      • Symposium by the brothers based on the book, ‘Vazhithara theerkkunnavar’ written by Fr James Kurukilamkatt
      • Praying at the tomb of missionaries on every Friday (our cemetery chapel)
      • Prayer for mission and missionaries to be made daily after the mass.
      • The fund raised from Mission Lottery and Mission Mela will be set apart to help poor students.
      • Book reviews on missionary saints and summary presentation in classes for ten minutes.
    • Inter-seminary(for ISPARC members) essay competitions on mission themes
    • Inter-seminary tournaments will be organized at Deepti in the Jubilee year, 2017-18.


Jubilee Committees

1. Golden Jubilee General Coordination Committee


1. Fr. Jose Palakeel (Convener)

2. Fr. Thomas Chenganariparampil

3. Fr. Joy Kunnel

4. Fr. Joseph Kondoor

5. Fr. Jose Cheriampanatt

6. Fr. Francis Kureeckal

7. Fr. Peter Vattappara

8. Fr. Joseph Muthuplackal

9. Fr. Joseph Karodan

10. Fr. Joseph Vallikatt

11. Fr. Justin vettukallel


2. Golden Jubilee Executive Committee


1. Fr. Thomas Chenganariparampil (Convener)

2. Fr. George Koorumullumpurayidom

3. Fr. Sebastian Kizhakkeyil

4. Fr. James Kurukilamkatt

5. Fr. Varghese Kunnath

6. Fr. Xavier Thengumkudiyil

7. Fr. S. (Jayaprasad) Kallupuraparampil

8. Fr. Joseph Ayyankanal (Coordinator, Golden Jubilee



3. Regional Jubilee coordination Committees


3.1. St. Paul’s Region Ujjain


1. Fr. Benny Karickamukalel (Convener)

2. Fr. James Athikalam

3. Fr. Paul Parekattil

4. Fr. Alexander Pinamarukil

5. Fr. Sebastian Varikatt

6. Fr. George Pottanany

7. Fr. Binoy Thazhathuveettil

8. Fr. Joseph Unnieppillil


3.2. St. Alphonsa Region Sangli


1. Fr. Jose Valiamangalam (Convener)

2. Fr. Joby Kozhipatt

3. Fr. Siju Kolthambrayil


3.3. St. Thomas Region Mandya


1. Fr. Joseph Thekkekarott

2. Fr. Benny Puthenpura

3. Fr. Josekutty Kalayil

4. Fr. Joby Koottumkal


3.4. Mary Queen of the Mission Delegation


1. Fr. Santosh Olappurackal (Convener)

2. Fr. Abraham Chempottickal

3. Fr. Bobby Kayyalackakath

Jubilee Calendar