Uncle of Rev. Frs Thomas Pendanam, Augustine Thekkemyladil, and Saju Thuppalanjiyil is called to Eternal Bliss

Mr. Mathew Thekkemyladil (103 years)paternal uncle of Rev. Fr Augustine Thekkemyladil and maternal uncle of Rev. Frs Thomas Pendanam and Saju Thuppalanjiyil—was called to Eternal Reward yesterday (July 10, 2015).


The funeral will take place on todaySaturday, July 11, 2015 at Fathima Matha Church, Chamampathal in the eparchy of Kanjirappally. The funeral services will start at home at 2:00 p.m.


Contact Information:

1.       Fr Thomas Pendanam

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b.      tpendanam@yahoo.de

2.       Fr Augustine Thekkemyladil

a.       Mobile: +91-9404158900

b.      Email: myladil@yahoo.co.in

3.       Fr Joseph (Saju) Thuppalanjiyil

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b.      Email: frsajtom@gmail.com