Your Prayer is Solicited

Father Shaiju Edathiparampil met with an accident yesterday morning as he was driving from Kolhapur to Shahuwadi. Brought to a hospital at Kolhapur, he was given initial care and nursing. Later MRI scan has discovered a dislocation of C7 vertebral disc and his collar bone is also fractured. He was shifted to a specialized Ortho hospital at Miraj. In his present condition, there are only two options left to us:
  1. Surgery: for that he has to be shifted to highly specialized hospital. Risk factor: transportation. Chance of success, according to doctors: 10%
  2. Traction for 15 days; then, proceed after another MRI: this option is now advised by doctors. This can immediately avoid injury to spinal cord.
At the moment, we have taken the second option. But effort is made to consult other specialist doctors.
Present condition of Fr Shaiju: he is fully conscious. No visible complication. 
I write this message especially to request your fervent prayer support for the speedy recovery of Father Shaiju. May Good Lord enlighten the medical team and all who attend to him so that they find a healing solution to his present condition