Commemoration of the Deceased MSTs

a. Requiem Holy Qurbana:Friday 22 November was set apart to commemorate the deceased members of the MST. The close family members of the deceased bishop/priests/ seminarians of the MST were also invited to Deepti. Requiem Holy Qurbana was officiated at the public chapel at 10.30 a.m. by the Director General and concelebrated by other priests in Deepti Mount and the relative priests of the deceased.  The Director General in his homily spoke about all the deceased permanent members of the MST (21 in number) and three seminarians. The office for the dead was celebrated at the cemetery chapel.

b. Memorial Slab at the Cemetery Chapel:The memorial granite slabs with the names and images of all the deceases members with their brief details have been prepared and installed on the central wall of the cemetery chapel.