MST Kerala Meet

A meeting of all the MST Fathers working in various MST houses and Centres were held at Deepthi Bhavan, Melampar on March 29, 2014. This was first of its kind in several years.Altogether 23 priests were present including the Director General and all the Councilors. Major MST centres or houses are IMPACT, Kochi, Santhome Bible Centre Pariyaram, Santhome Thamarassery, the estates in Vadakencherry and Oorkulanagad, Vimochana Counseling Centre, Angel Home and Santhome Santhwanalaya Muthappanpuzha.


The meeting started with Prayer and a welcome message by Fr Cheganariparambil, who convened the meeting. Next the Director General explained the purpose of such a meeting. The goal was to meet and share and get mutually informed of all the activities being done by MST in Kerala. Secondly, the meeting is expected to open the way for greater collaboration and coordination of various apostolates and activities.  This was followed by sharing by members of different MST houses.


After sharing and discussions, the meeting ended at 3.00 pm in the afternoon. All found the meeting to be very useful and resolved to meet regularly once in 6 months.