Renewal Programmes

Jubilee is the time to thank the Lord for the blessings that we have received during the last fifty years and to entrust all our missions to the Lord to make them more fruitful and effective. In collaboration with Santhome Fellowship, a prayer team was prepared for the renewal programmes in the Regions. Frs Anoop Joseph and Wilson George of CSSr congregation led the renewal programmes in St Paul’s Region Ujjain. It was arranged in three places, such as Pachore on 14th, Bhopal on 15th and Mendya on 17th November, 2016. 25 conferrers of Ujjain mission participated in either of these three renewal programmes. The second team consists of Rev Fr Jose Puthussery of Ernakulam, Mrs Alice and Mr Antony from Ernakulam led the renewal programmes in St Alphonsa Region, Sangli. The programme started on 22nd November and completed all the centers on 4th December.  The tame spent a day each in all most all the mission centers in Sangli region. All the missionaries participated in this prayer day. The day was set apart as a prayer day and the prayer team led diverse spiritual activities including adoration, rosary, reflection, etc.