Kadukumani Apostoloi

IMPACT Mission Animation has come out with another great achievement by producing and telecasting a TV programme in the Shalom Television. It is a Golden Jubilee gift of MST to the Syro-Malabar Church. The programme titled ‘Kadukumani Apostoloi’, based on the catechism text book of the Syro-Malabar Church,  will help the children to grow in faith and mission spirit . The project aims at approaching the catechism students of Kerala in a different and interesting way, instilling in them a new missionary spirit. Innovative teaching methods incorporating both traditional and modern communication media, direct and personal involvement with the mission and missionaries, etc. will give a lively tinge to this. The presentation part of the class ten text book is ready for airing. Fr Sybi Nellor was the teacher and moderator for the sessions and we had 18 children from deferent part of Kerala with their talents and performances. The programme will be telecasted on every Wednesday at 8.30pm and retelacastings on Saturday 8.30am, Tuesday 12.30pm and Monday 1.00am in Shalom TV.