MST Golden Jubilee Preparatory Seminar

LIVING THE MST VISION AND MISSION  (MST Golden Jubilee Preparatory Seminar)
Dear Fathers, 
I am writing to invite you to the forthcoming MST Golden Jubilee Preparatory Seminar for all the MST Fathers working in Kerala at Deepti Bhavan, Melampara on Monday 22nd February 2016, in conjunction with the MST Foundation Day at MST Generalate. Similar Seminars were already conducted in all 3 MST regions for MST Fathers working in the regions. Kindly come and participate in this seminar and the Foundations day celebrations.
The first year of MST Golden Jubilee Celebrations (2015-16) is dedicated to the assessment of "Living the MST Vision and Mission by members". Major activity of the Seminar will be group discussion and sharing. The seminar will be led by Fr. Jose Palakeel and Fr. Jomon Ayyankanal. 
10.00 Arrival Reception,Tea
10.30 Introduction to the MST Golden Jubilee preparations
10.50 A brief assessment of "Living the MST vision and Mission" 
(two page questionnaire to find out current perceptions)
11.10 A presentation of the major findings of the MST Internal Assessment 2009-10
11.50 Group discussion on "Living the MST mission and Vision"
12.30 Lunch
13.30 Group discussion (continued)
14.45 Presentation of the findings of the survey
Presentation of group discussion reports by Secretaries
Common sharing and discussion
16.00 Conclusion of the Seminar
19.00 Foundation Day Prayer Service
19.30 Foundation Day Agape (with invited guests)
Soliciting your esteemed presence and active participation,
Fr. Kurian Ammanathukunnel
Director General Fr. Jose Palakeel
General Convenor of Golden Jubilee Celebrations