Institution Name Place Category
Catholic Church Agar Mission Station
Pushpa Convent School Agar Higher Secondary Schools
Carmel Convent School Agar Road, Ujjain High School
St. Alphonsa School Akodia High School
Alphonsa Church Akodia Mission Station
Sanjeevan Dham Ambodia Mission Station
Jeevodaya School Arekere High School
Sanjeevan Ashram Avila-Bhutia Mission Station
Carmel Vidyalaya Bachukheda High School
Jai Sleeva Ashram Bachukheda Mission Station
Catholic Church Bajrangarh Mission Station
Divya Jyothi School Banda High School
Santhome Catholic Mission Barnagar Mission Station
St.Thomas School Barnagar Higher Secondary Schools
St.Mary's Church Bercha Mission Station
NIRMAL JYOTI Bhopal Health Care Institutions
Santhome Bhavan Bhopal Other Institutions
St. John's Catholic Church Biaora Mission Station
St.John's Catholic Church Biaora Mission Station
Navdarshan Sanchar Kendra Catholic Church Compound Communication Centre
Priest's Home Chadessery Priest Home
Nirmala Convent School Chandessery High School
Alphonsa Bhavan Chandessery Boardings For Boys
Nirmala Catholic Church Chandessery Mission Station
Kripa Social Service Training centre Chandessery Social Service
St.John's High School [Hindi] Chandessery High School
Preeti Bal Bhavan Chandukhedy Orphanages
St.Joseph's Catholic Church Chandukhedy Mission Station
Mary Matha School Chiplun High School
Deepti Ashram Delhi Specialized Health Care Centers
Deepti Foundation Delhi Other Institutions
Kripa Social service Dewas Road, Ujjai Charitable institutions
St.Benedict's Ashram Duletia Mission Station
St.John's Convent School Ghonsla High School
Rajeshwar bhavan Ghonsla Mission Station
Jai Rani Hospital Ghonsla Hospitals
St.Mary's Church Gogapur Mission Station
St. Mary's Convent School Gogapur [Mehidpur] High School
Christalaya Hadanur Mission Station
Christalaya Hadanur Health Care Institutions
Kiran Jyoti Halagur Industrial Training Institutes
Divya Jyoti School Halagur Upper Primary Schools
Seva sadana Halagur Mission Station
Divya Jyoti School Halagur Education
Jai Amala Catholic Church Harsodan Mission Station
MST House [Hyderabad] Hyderabad Mission Station
Alphonsa School Ichalkaranji High School
Shanti Bhavan Jamner Mission Station
Alphonsa School Jath High School
Manovikas Special School Jawahar Nagar Special Schools
Angel Home Kadanad Rehabilitation Centre
Deepti Nivas Kalenahalli Special Schools
St.Sebastian's Church Kanad Mission Station
Masih Ashram Karondia Mission Station
Sleeba Dham Kaytha Mission Station
Catholic Ashram Khadi Mission Station
Anugraha Khed Special Schools
Catholic church Khilchipur Mission Station
Mother Theresa's Convent School Khilchipur Education
Prem Sagar Special School Khilichipur Special Schools
Shanti Nivas Khutalwadi/ Kolhapur Dt. Health Care Institutions
Asha Sadan Kiragandoor Special Schools
Viswadeepti-[Missiological Research Centre] Kolhapur, Maharashtra Other Institutions
Alphonsa Training Institute and Suvartha Printers Kolhapur:Halondi Press and Publication
Divya Jyoti School Koppa High School
Preeti Special School Koppa Special Schools
Preeti Nilaya Koppa Mission Station
Kolping Higher Sec.School Maksi Education
Catholic Church Maksi Mission Station
Christ Jyoti Convent School Malanvasa Higher Secondary Schools
Dev Matha Catholic Ashram Malikhedi Mission Station
Ashram High School Malikhedi Education
Alphonsa Vidya Mandir Mana Education
Bl. Alphonsa Church Mana Mission Station
NIRMAL JYOTHI Mandsur Special Schools
Santhome Public School Mandya High School
Catholic Mission Mehidpur Mission Station
St.Joseph's convent school Mehidpur Education
Deepti College Melampara Minor Seminary
Santhome Bhavan(Regional House) Mendya Mission Station
Santhome Bhavan Mira Road [E] Mission Station
Alphonsa School Miraj High School
Kalasadhana Mumbai Other Colleges
Santhome Swanthanalaya Muthappanpuzha Health Care Institutions
Mochana Counselling centre Muttuchira Specialized Health Care Centers
St.Xavier's Church Nagda Mission Station
Fatima Convent School Nagda Higher Secondary Schools
St. Joseph's Catholic church Narsingharh Mission Station
St.Joseph's Convent High School Narsinghgarh Higher Secondary Schools
Infant Jesus Catholic Church Navada Mission Station
Catholic Church Pachore Mission Station
Prarthana Nikethan Pachore Other Institutions
Santhome Bible Centre Pariyaram Other Institutions
St Thomas School Pawasa Upper Primary Schools
Alphonsa School Phulewadi High School
Prem Nivas Piploda Mission Station
St. Mary's Catholic Church Rajgarh Mission Station
Kripa- Rajgarh Social Service
Rajeshwar Convent Hr.Sec. School Rajgarh Higher Secondary Schools
Prem Pragati Special School Rajgarh Special Schools
Prem Pragati Residential Centre Rajgarh Hostels & Boardings
St. Thomas School Ratnagiri High School
Arpan Press Rishinagar Press and Publication
Santhome School Sangli- [Ankali] High School
St. George's Catholic Church Sarangpur Mission Station
Alphonsa School Shahuwadi High School
Nav Jyoti Special School Shajapur Special Schools
St.Joseph's Catholic Church Shajapur Mission Station
Mahatma Gandhi Hr.Sec.School Shajapur Higher Secondary Schools
St. Peter's Catholic Church Shujalpur Mission Station
Deepti Convent Hr. Sec.School Shujalpur Higher Secondary Schools
Nav Jeevan Special School Shujalpur Special Schools
Jeevan Jyoti-Missionary Orientation Centre[MOC] Srirangapatna [Mandya] Minor Seminary
Manovikas Vocational Subhash nagar Technical Colleges
Catholic Church Susner Mission Station
Santosh Catholic High School Susner Higher Secondary Schools
Santosh Bhavan Susner Boardings For Boys
Amalashram Talsande- Kolhapur Other Institutions
Dina High School Tarana High School
Catholic Church Tarana Mission Station
IMPACT Thevackal-Ernakulam Communication Centre
Archana Vidyalaya Udenkhedy Education
Archana Bhavan Udenkhedy Mission Station
Archana Balika Bhavan Udenkhedy Boardings For Girls
Pushpa Hospital Ujjain Hospitals
St.Mary's Convent school Ujjain Higher Secondary Schools
Ruhalaya Ujjain Major Seminary
Samanvaya-Inter Religious Dialogue Centre Ujjain Other Institutions
St.Paul's Convent School Ujjain Higher Secondary Schools
Saathi Care home Ujjain Specialized Health Care Centers
Pushpa Balika Bhavan Ujjain Boardings For Girls
Shantidham Old Age Home Ujjain Old Age Homes
Jeevdan Zarap Special Schools
Catholic Church Zirapur Mission Station
Vijaya Convent High School Zirapur High School

General & Regional News

Beloved father of Fr George (BIJI) Kudukkamthadam was called to eternal bliss
Mr Alexander (82 years), beloved father of Fr George (BIJI) Kudukkamthadam was called to eternal bliss today (14-06-2018). The funeral service will begin at home on Sunday (17-06-2018), at 02.00 p.m. The funeral will take place at Marth Mariam Fora...

Younger Brother of Fr Benedict Palappurathu is called to eternal reward
Mr Babychan (48 years), beloved younger brother of Fr Benedict Palappurathu was called to eternal bliss on 11-06-2018 at 9.15 p.m. He was sick for the last four years and was under treatment.   The funeral services will begin at home on Th...

Sister of Fr Joy Valiamangalam is called to eternal reward
This is to inform you that Mrs Jaya Nobi Kuppuzhakkal (44 years), beloved Sister of Fr Joy Valiamangalam and the niece of Fr Kurian Valiamangalam, was called to eternal bliss last week in the U.K. The funeral takes place on Sunday, 3...

Brother of Fr Viju Muringasseril is called to eternal bliss
Mr Jose Muringasseril (44) beloved brother of Fr Viju Muringasseril, was called to eternal bliss by 04:00 pm this evening (30-05-2018). Funeral will be held by 03:00 pm tomorrow (31-05-2018) at Christ the King Town church (behind bus stand), Nenmar...

Beloved Mother of Rev. Fr Jose Manthara is called to Eternal Reward
Mrs Moni Chacko (87 years), beloved mother of Fr Jose Manthara, is called to eternal bliss this Tuesday, (29 May 2018) evening. The funeral takes place on Friday, 1 June 2018 at St. John Nephumsian’s Church, Kozhuvanal in the eparchy of Palai...

General Assembly 2018
The 10th General Assembly of the Missionary Society of St Thomas the Apostle, will be held at MST Generalate (Deepti Bhavan), Deepti Mount, Melampara – 686578, Kerala, India from May 14, 2018 (Monday) at 4 p.m., and it will continue until it...

Beloved Father of Rev. Fr Daison Vettukallel MST is called to eternal bliss.
Mr. Mathew Thomas (76 years)—beloved Father of Rev. Fr Daison Vettukallel MST, the maternal uncle of Rev. Fr Thomas Kakkaniyil MST, paternal grand uncle of Bro. Sebastian Vettukallel MST and maternal grand uncle of Bros. Mani and Mathew Kakka...

beloved Father of Rev. Fr Antony Kaithottumkal MST and the paternal Grandfather of Rev. Fr Justin Kaithottumkal, is called to eternal bliss
Mr. Mathew K.J. Kaithottumkal (92 yrs), beloved Father of Rev. Fr Antony Kaithottumkal MST and the paternal Grandfather of Rev. Fr Justin Kaithottumkal, is called to eternal bliss morning at 5:50 a.m. The funeral will take place tomorrow (25 Februa...