MST is of Major Archiepiscopal Right and juridically falls under the classification “Societies of Apostolic life” (CCEO 572). It is subjected to the Major Archiepiscopal authority and is governed by the particular law of the Syro-Malabar Church and the Constitutions and Directives of MST.

Mar George Cardinal Alencherry
Major Arch Bishop


The Missionary Society is governed by the General Assembly and administered by the Director General assisted by the General Council in accordance with the Constitutions and Directives of MST.

Rev Fr Antony Perumanoor
Director General


Vice director DSCN5932 DSCN5936 DSCN5937 Copy of DSCN5915

Rev Fr Francis Kureeckal
(Vice Director and 1st Councilor)

Rev Fr Thomas Karamel
(2nd Councillor)

Rev Fr Justin Vettukallel
(3rd Councillor)

Rev Fr Peter Kavumpuram
(4th Councillor)

Rev Fr Kuriakose Kunnel
Treasurer General

Administration in the regions is done by the Regional Directors assisted by the Regional Council


Director General   Rev Fr Antony Perumanoor
Vice Director and 1st Councilor Formation, Ongoing Formation and Overseas Ministries and Personnel, Santhome Mission (Periodical) Rev Fr Francis Kureeckal
2nd Councillor Education and Social Apostolate, In-charge of Mission-Expansion Rev Fr Thomas Karamel
3rd Councillor Secretary General, Mission Animation and Com m un ication. Benefactors Rev Fr Justin Vettukallel
4th Councillor Priests' Welfare and Communion Santhome Fellowship Rev Fr Peter Kavumpuram
Treasurer General Economic Welfare and Funds Rev Fr Kuriakose Kunnel


St Paul Region
Regional Director Rev Fr Vincent Kadalikkattilputhenpura
1st Councillor Rev Fr Thomas Chenganariparampil
2nd Councillor and treasurer Rev Fr George Pottananickal
St Thomas Region
Regional Director Rev Fr Joseph Thekkekarott
1st Councillor Rev Fr fr Joseph Kalayil
2nd Councillor and Treasurer Rev Fr Varghese Karikkandathil
St Alphonsa Region
Regional Director Rev Fr Sebastian Njalliyil
1st Councillor Rev Fr Thomas Mangalathil
2nd Councillor and treasurer Rev Fr Thomas Chirayil

Mary Queen of the Mission Delegation

Delegate Rev Fr  Santosh Olappurackal
Ist Councilor Rev Fr Joseph Karodan 
2nd Councillor and Procurator Rev Fr John Thettalickal