Delhi Delegation

St. Mary, Queen of the Missions Delegation, Delhi



With the intention of intensifying and collectively participating in the missionary apostolate of the Syro-Malabar Church in the Eparchy of Faridabad, MST has erected a new Delegation, with St. Mary Queen of Missions as its heavenly patroness. It opens up new opportunities for MST to engage in collective mission work in the vast area covered by the Eparchy of Faridabad. The delegation was erected by the Director General with effect on July 3, 2014, in consultation with His Grace Mar Kuriakose Bharaniluangara, the bishop of Faridabad and with the consent of the General Council of MST held on 12th April, 2014.

MST Constitution and Directives (C 59 and D 59) provides for erection of Delegations, which are defined as “an organized group of members of the Society engaged in the apostolate consistent with the nature and purpose of the Society”. It could be “a group of pioneer missionaries in an area that is yet to be constituted a Mission Region” (C.59a) or “a group of missionaries at the service of the Church and the Society” (C59b). It is, however, for the first time in its history that MST has erected a delegation for coordination of missionary activities in an area. It is a matter of great joy that the new Delegation has come into existence in the Silver Jubilee year of St. Alphonsa Region, Sangli, the third Mission Region of MST along with St. Paul Region, Ujjain and St. Thomas Regions, Mandya.

The Delhi Delegation, constituted for a period of three years, has eleven members with Rev Fr Joseph Muthuplackal as the Delegate,Rev Fr Abraham Chempottickal as First Councillor and Rev Fr Santosh Olappurackal as Second Councillor and Procurator. The members sent to Delhi delegation are to “engage in pioneering missionary work” remaining faithful to the nature and scope of the Society and make earnest effort to develop it into a ‘Mission Region of MST’.