MST missionaries share the Good News of Jesus all over the world.


In India, MST missionaries render their service in Various dioceses like Ujjain, Mandya, Idukki, Tellichery, Thrissur,Thuckalay, Bhadravathy, Kalyan. Sagar, Adilabad, Jagadalpur, Faridabad, Shamshabad, Hosur, Changanacherry, Chanda, Itanagar.


MST Priests render their services in Various countries

Countries and Dioceses Abroad where MST Priests work



  1. Diocese of Sand Hurst
  2. Diocese of Melbourne
  3. Diocese of Maitland- New Castle
  4. Arch- diocese of Sydney
  5. Diocese of Melbourne (Syro-Malabar)



  1. Vienna



  1. Jatai



  1. Diocese of Nelson
  2. Arch Diocese of Grouard –McLennan
  3. Diocese of London
  4. Diocese of Regina
  5. Mississauga (Syro-Malabar)



  1. Diocese of Augsburg
  2. Diocese of Eichstätt
  3. Diocese of Hamburg
  4. Diocese of Hildesheim
  5. Diocese of Münster
  6. Diocese of Paderborn
  7. Diocese of Regensburg
  8. Diocese of Rottenburg
  9. Diocese of Würzburg



  1. Diocese of Spoleto
  2. Arch Diocese of Lancaino-Ortona



  1. Diocese of Great Britain (Syro-Malabar)
  2. Arch-Diocese of Southwark
  3. Arch-Diocese of Westminister



  1. Archdiocese of Chicago
  2. Diocese of Chicago (Syro-Malabar)
  3. Marquette- Michigan
  4. Dallas
  5. Corpus Christi
  6. St. Petersburg
  7. Rockville Centre
  8. Tulasa
  9. Boston



  1. Chur
  2. Basel



  1. Diocese of Stockholm



  1. Arch diocese of Dar es salam
  2. Arch Diocese of Songea


Tanzanian mission ( Click to view photos)

Responding to the invitation from Bishop of Kigoma, Tanzania, two priests were sent to the diocese of Kigoma in 1993.

They were entrusted with the parish called Kasangezi which had nearly 16000 Catholics spread out in 16 outstations.Every year an average of 200 adults received baptism and joined the church. MST missionaries initiated new ventures like starting of Sunday catechism which was not a practice in Tanzania. Also MST missionaries started pre-school education a model which was adopted by the government later. MST missionaries reconstructed 8 out station churches in the parish. MST missionaries left Kasangezi parish in 2005.

In 2006 MST took a parish in Songea diocese named Chengena,  with 5 out stations and 7000 Catholics. In 2010 MST took up a parish called Usevya in the diocese of Mpanda. It has got 8 outstations with a catholic population of 12000. In 2011 MST took up a parish called Madale in the diocese of Dar es salam. It was an outstation of the parish of Tagata


MST Fathers Working in Tanzania

1. Fr Biju Pullappalliyil
2. Fr Sebastian Manianchira
3. Fr Shaiju Kizhakekureethadathil
5. Fr Zacharias Azhikannickal


Brazil Mission

In 2007 two MST priests were sent to Jatai diocese. MST missionaries render their services i n three parishes and 8 mass centers with a catholic population of 9500. MST priests revive the parish with regular house visits, catechism classes, and regularization of marriages.


MST Fathers Working in Brazil

            1. Fr Joseph Thekkel
            2. Fr Joseph Pulickal